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What Shoe Salesman Are You?

Posted by: In: Blog 16 Apr 2018 Comments: 0

I recently received a WhatsApp message from someone that I had a conversation with about our country’s future. We left the conversation agreeing to disagree. The next day, however, I received a message from the said person. It was a message to which I could not, not respond too. We need to take a stand in South Africa, and from the conversation, you can see my message is clear: Decide which shoe salesperson you are.

The article that was sent to me is a long one, written by RW Johnstone and titled Cyril Ramaphosa’s poisoned chalice. I am not going to post it all here, but here is the link to read it.

I always find it interesting when people ask me to read something without explaining why they think I should, so I asked and here is his response:

With a response like that, I cannot sit back and let it go. We need to stand up and talk about this South Africa we all live in. Or at least, if you choose to live here. Here was my response:

My fellow countryman did respond to my comment with the following:

By now I started to realise that some people just do not want to change, it is too difficult for them. So I thought I would ease off and make my point clear:

I am saddened by his last response, and but also inspired to be more of the change. Because at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words.

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