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The Business Book Club

The Business Book Club was founded with the purpose to share knowledge in a business context. Knowledge is the start of change, an inevitable process of business (and life), and one can obtain it through various means. Books are our favourite way and what better than to have a conversation with the author. Sharing knowledge through questions and answers helps us understand how each of us can affect change in a positive way.

The Business Book Club meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Skoobs in Montecasino where we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.

To find out which author we have at our next event, please like our Facebook page, The Business Book Club or send an email to

The entrance fee is a (business) book donation.

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The Signature Library


The Signature Library initiative is part of the Sandis’ Ubuntu Foundation a Section 21 and Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that works towards the transformation of South African communities by promoting access to quality education to an African Child a reality in disadvantaged communities.

The Business Book Club recognises that knowledge is a vehicle for self-empowerment, an essential ingredient in creating a prosperous society. We want to share our passion for knowledge with those who do not readily have access to information usually contained in books. It is our privilege to play a small part in working towards a prosperous society, and hopefully a better world, by enabling knowledge to be accessible to those who don’t have the means.

For more information on the vision of the Signature Library initiative, please download this document.


Jenny Malherbe

Since being a part of the Business Book Club team, I have had the opportunity to meet influences in my industry and authors who have inspired me beyond what words can describe.


Shaun Bathter

I belong to many clubs but the thing I love most about The Business Book Club is the one on one interaction and the ability to feed off the minds of so many great leaders in their respective industries.


Sarah Hoft

I am an author and I love the ability to just broadcast my knowledge to those looking for answers in the indistry I am in. It is such a rewarding feeling to be appreciated based on the work you produce.


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