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Superhero or CEO? Chapter 7 – Not the dentist

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Aldo opened his eyes and remembered watching his life flash by like a movie. He was lying flat on his back and looked straight up at a white ceiling. There are no pretty pictures on the ceiling as he fondly recalls his childhood memories from the dentist’s chair. But this place was different and so was he.

“You’re awake!”. Aldo slowly turned his head towards the sound and noticed a guy with a white bandage across his head. “They say you were almost gone and it will be a miracle if you wake up!” Aldo wondered who they were. He looked around the room and realised he was in a hospital and they would have been doctors.

What had happened to him? His body felt uncomfortable. He just couldn’t pin point the feeling but something was missing. A nurse appeared in the door and smiled as she saw Aldo’s eyes. “We are glad you are back. The doctor will be too. I will let him know.” She disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

Dr Jenkins appeared 20 minutes later. “Glad to see you’ve opened your eyes.”

The doctor continued to explain to Aldo what happened. A truck hit his Jag from the side and Aldo was complete trapped. The paramedics had to rescue him from the wreckage by the Jaws of Life. He had lost a lot of blood but luckily they had just received fresh stock at the hospital and were able to replace the blood Aldo lost. “But blood is not the only thing you have lost, Aldo”, the doctor explained.

“Off course I lost my Jag”, Aldo said with a smile, trying to humour himself out of the discomfort he was feeling.

“Unfortunately we could not save your leg Aldo. It was so badly damaged and crushed that we had no choice. It was your life or your leg. The truck hit your Jag so hard you ended up on the passenger side of your car.”

Aldo then understood why his body was feeling so weird. It’s because there was nothing to feel. He fell silent and stared blankly at the doctor.

“A new way of life awaits you Aldo. You will need support and I know very good people that can help you.”

Aldo asked if he could have a moment, he was feeling overwhelmed and wanted to be alone. He was not ready for this. His mind was racing and slowly everything was coming back to him. All the challenges regarding Josh and Kane and his business. And now this?

Aldo knew, for the second time in his life, that it is not what happens to you, but how you deal with what happens to you that matters.

He realised the only way for him to survive and get through this, was to get the right people to help him, but he did not feel like being strong now. He did not feel like being the CEO of Able Enterprises. He felt defeated.

“A smile a day keeps the doctor away”, a familiar voice chirped.

Charles had come into the room that Aldo shared with the bandage guy. “How is your wheel of life,  doing?”

To be continued…

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