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NxtLevel™ Business Coaching

Are you a CEO or business owner committed to growing your business into double-digit growth figures? Then this programme is for you. You’ve been running your business for a while, and have overcome the initial complexities of finding a niche. You have a good offering and have been successfully servicing a number of clients for over three years.

You’ve employed a team of at least 10 employees to help you deliver to clients, but there are frustrations. Lots of them. Your management accounts are accurate, but things are still not adding up. The amount of e ort and chaos it takes to make money does not make sense. You feel as though you’re running extremely hard just to keep up with the pack.

To successfully run a business, and stay ahead of the pack, takes more than an MBA. There are some things that simply cannot be taught in a classroom – they only come through real business experience. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, so we’ve either experienced it first-hand or seen it happen – and we know what it takes to take your business to the next level.

We also know what it feels like to celebrate success. To tick those goal boxes again and again. This is what you’ll experience when you embark on the NxtLevelTM Business Coaching Programme.

We understand your goals to be:

  • To grow your business, your revenue and your pro t. Survival is not enough – it’s time to prosper!
  • To have enough ready cash to reward employees and yourself, and to invest in long-term projects.
  • To look after your employees’ wellbeing, and attract A-players.
  • To serve your customers, be seen as a top provider, and receive regular referrals as a result.
  • To leave a legacy, a business you can be proud of that continues to prosper without your input.
  • To have fewer, more productive employees, who are not afraid to use their initiative.
  • To build a business that helps fund your retirement.

If you would like to find out if your business is ready for the NxtLevel™ and you want to have a discussion with Jacques about the next step, please email and we will contact you.