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Earlier this week I received a most inspiring phone call. Well it was actually a missed call as I was in consultation with a client. I could see who it was and wondered why Paul gave me a call. I knew his business was going through a tough time. They recently partnered with a top Swiss brand to sell their products and invested a large amount of money and time into it. When I visited them about 2 months ago, they still had not made any sales and with losing their top sales guy things were not looking rosy. Even though I always believed in them and their business, I was not sure what to expect.

On my way to my next client I gave Paul a call. He sounded his usual dry self. I enjoy his dry sense of humour and we banter about different subjects very comfortably. This time round he was quick of the mark to share his news with me. They had just signed a deal to deliver their premium Swiss product worth over 30 000 euro’s! And because I had walked a path with them and their business, he wanted to share the good news with me. I was ecstatic, not just for them for persevering and believing they can make it work but also ecstatic in the proof, once again, that even when people think it is tough, there is always hope, always a silver lining. No matter what you sell, whether a premium product or service, with perseverance and excellent customer service you will succeed. Paul and his team pride themselves on going the extra mile for their clients.

I cannot wait to visit them next week after work with a bottle of Moet.

Have a great weekend every one, and remember to walk away from the neigh saying and walk straight into disciplines and excellent customer service.


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