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Increase performance by 1%

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How does one eat an elephant?

How does one eat and elephant? The answer is simple, one bite at a time.

The same applies to your company. You could for instance ask, ‘How do I double the size of my company”? The same answer applies, ‘One bite at a time’. Companies don’t just double their size overnight. Through determined focus and persistence they are however able to do it by not biting off more than they can chew.

Most company leaders are optimist. It is part of their nature and the way they approach the world. The effect of this behavioural trait is that leaders sometimes take on more than is realistic to accomplish.

The trick is not to try and change too much at a time or to bite of too much of the elephant. I have been in numerous meetings where a laundry list is compiled of all the things that have to be done. It is almost like your child’s wish list for Christmas – it has everything on, from a new brother/sister to teeth for Grandma. The key to growing your company is to just take one thing, do it properly and get it done. Only when you tick the box do you consider the next item on the list of priorities.

Now imagine you can increase the performance of your company just 1% every week or that you can make 1 change in your company in a week. At the end of the year this will amount to 52! Without even taking the effects of compound improvement into account, just imagine what the benefits would be.

Focusing on a small thing for a short period of time is the most effective way to mover your company forward. Enjoy the journey of success!



Comments: 1

  1. Posted by Rob 30 Apr 2016 at 8:41 am Reply

    Yep. My philosophy “do less better”. The tricky bit is how to convince the optimistic leader.

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