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Superhero or CEO? Planning for the hard conversation

Posted by: In: Blog 13 Oct 2016 Comments: 1

Once outside of the office building, Aldo took a deep breath. It was another gorgeous day in Jo’burg, a world-class African city known for its beautiful summer weather. Aldo needed time to think about the past two days, to think about the story the numbers are telling him, Kane’s absence and the subsequent WhatsApp message and the conversation he had to have with Josh. Aldo felt a cold shiver run down his spine. It was the same feeling he experienced many years ago when his uncle phoned him first thing on a Monday morning.

Aldo knew that exercise, or even simply movement and general activity, played a vital role in his wellbeing. It helped him process information, especially when he felt overwhelmed. He knew from mistakes he had made in the past that his decision-making capabilities were impaired when he felt like this. As CEO of Able one of his personal mission statements is to be of service to the people who work for the company and to continue to fulfil this promise he needed to be the best version of himself, poise and calm.

Aldo started walking. The walk around Zoo Lake was his usual route and normally took him about 20 minutes – just long enough for Aldo to centre himself without wasting valuable time. He was a creature of habit and he made sure his habits served him. This morning, however, he walked around the lake twice. He desperately needed the extra time. He’d never faced a challenge quite like this before and he was dreading the conversation with Josh.

Josh was a genuine, decent and, above all, reliable individual. He loved people and knew how to draw the best out them. Not just for Able Enterprise, but for their personal benefit as well. Josh knew that only when people are happy both at work and at home are they able to live up to their true potential. Josh was the only executive on the team who did additional self-development courses, besides the ones the company required him to complete. He was totally committed to his own development and learning and, even though he had the title of COO, he did not need it to lead.

Josh was also the only executive that was registered as a neurolinguistic programming practitioner. He was a master at applying this skill and his teams were highly efficient, well beyond best-practice standards. Their collaboration drove accountability and they always achieved their targets. It was because of this that Aldo knew the conversation he was to have later today was going to be exceptionally hard.

Aldo arrived back at his office a little more relaxed than he had left it. He was clear on what he had to do, although that didn’t necessarily mean he was going to like doing it. Charmaine walked into Aldo’s office. “Josh has confirmed,” she said. “He will meet you in the boardroom at 15h00 this afternoon.

Aldo sighed heavily, then returned to his list of imperative tasks.

To be continued…

Comments: 1

  1. Posted by rob 14 Oct 2016 at 8:41 am Reply

    Great technique. Has me spellbound almost like a Deon Meyer novel

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