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goal setting advice

Goal setting is one of the most powerful tools in achieving success. One could also refer to goals as priorities, targets, objectives and a few other names. The naming is irrelevant, as they use the same approach to achieve success: focus.

CEO and leadership teams are able to set these goals for their company which usually includes a sales target value, or to obtain a certain number of new customers or to perhaps launch a new product or service offering by a specific date. These are all good and well if they include the magic ingredient.

Aligning your vision with your goals

This ingredients is so obvious but we miss it so many times. It relates to the reason why we get out of bed every day. Simon Sinek refers to it in his famous TED talk to the Why? This is the reason why we climb Mount Everest – because we want to summit. And that is our vision. Getting to the different base camps on our way up are the goals we want to achieve in pursuit of our ultimate purpose – to summit the mountain. When we have an overarching vision all the goals we set along the way make so much sense. They are then aligned with our vision. And our focus then becomes the goals. From base camp 1 are focus is set on the next base camp and then again to the next and the next until we achieve our vision. It give meaning to our goals and links them to our heart. It is what makes the difference when thinks get thought. That is why the wright Brothers achieve their vision of flight. Every little goal they set were part of a bigger picture.

Now, the big question for CEO’s and their leadership team are:

  • Can people in your company clearly articulate your vision and do they buy into it?
  • Our ability to focus is one of the

Short to medium term goal are very effective when used together with a Plan of Action. Let me give you an example from one of my clients. The goal is to produce 2500 units for the month of May. The plan of action would then include steps such as, communicate goal with team and get buy-in, communicate goal with input material team, repair machine xyz, etc.

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