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Time! All businesses have only 24hours in a day to be successful. The businesses that are successful are those that use their 24hours doing the RIGHT things. Unfortunately most businesses spend too much time on unproductive meetings. Meetings are supposed to support collaboration, create focus and leave people inspired to move the company forward. Instead people are frustrated because things do not getting done. They are left with the feeling of precious time being wasted and would rather go do emails. The purpose of meetings has been lost and the word “meeting” has become a dread.

The leadership team should have the following meeting rhythm in steering the company towards its vision:

Annual Planning Meeting

  • Purpose: Plan the year and strategic direction of the company plus develop a tactical plan for the next 90 days;
  • Duration = 1 to 2 days;

Quarterly Planning Meetings

  • Purpose: Review the past 90 days, confirm or adjust strategic direction and agree plan for the next 90 days;
  • Duration = 1 day;

Monthly Meetings

  • Purpose: Take the biggest business issue, brainstorm and develop plan to resolve;
  • Duration = 2 to 4 hours;

Weekly Meetings

  • Keep track of quarterly plan and confirm focus and priorities;
  • Duration = 60 to 90 minutes;

Daily Meeting

  • Confirm focus and priorities and get people unstuck where they don’t know what to do;
  • Duration = 8 to 12 minutes;

Spending time on these meeting and ensuring you achieve the purpose will create more time and alignment in your business. Give it a try!

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